Facebook Has it’s Own Craigslist – Marketplace

Have you seen Marketplace yet? marketplace

Facebook started rolling out Marketplace this week.

These platforms are rampant! I just signed up with www.nextdoor.com – a neighborhood chat, sell, inform. Pretty cool because it is specifically for your neighborhood, which is great for events. nextdoor


Marketplace allows buying and selling physical items in your neighborhood. They have had some unusual offerings already and will have to reign in their boundaries to avoid sexual services and live pythons.

“As we expanded Marketplace access, we encountered a technical issue that prevented our reviewing system from identifying some posts that violated our Commerce Policies and Community Standards,” reads an emailed statement from Facebook Director of Product Management Mary Ku. “As a result, certain posts with content that violated our policies were made visible to people visiting Marketplace. We are working to fix the problem and will be closely monitoring our systems to ensure we are properly identifying and removing violations before giving more people access to Marketplace. We apologize for this issue.”

I wish them well and of course all the best to you.

Do You Love Coding Your WordPress Theme?

I do not love coding – in fact if there was one college class that made me break down it was programming.
Can I do it? Yes.    Did I get an A? Yes.     Do I love it?  NO.

No More Coding App for WordPress

So imagine my surprise and delight when I found this app.Image result for surprise

For a while I thought, I would keep the secret to myself. But then…. my conscience got the better of me.

  • Customize the appearance of your WordPress theme or any content generated by plugins.

  • Restyle anything with this intuitive and powerful visual front-end CSS editor.

“Is there some kind of annual awards show for WP plugin developers with a category for Best Customer Support? I’ll nominate you if there is.”Dr. Eric C. Helmer

“Your Microthemer is such a life saver for a Creative Director/Designer like me who really dislikes coding. I am getting more and more into it with every site. I would recommend your plugin to anyone! It’s the best!”Tristan


Free updates for life if you buy Microthremer now.



Why Social Activity Affects Search Rankings

How Social Activity Effects Your Search Rankings

The next time your staff, employees, partners, friends, associates complain or ignore your pleas for sharing content that you have lovingly posted – show them this great post by Cami at LocalVox. Posting with your Low-Competition Key Words is also KEY.

It might not be blatantly apparent how much social media activity plays into your search rankings, but that doesn’t mean Facebook, Twitter or Google+ shouldn’t be leveraged. While Google and Bing don’t openly admit that data from social sites helps determine how high your website ranks, there is evidence that shows the more engagement your social posts receive, the better your SEO ranking.

What social activity are search engines looking for?

Google and Bing look at four types of social activity from your social channels:

1. The authority of the person tweeting the URL

2. +1s for a URL

3. Facebook shares and “Likes” for a URL

4. Tweets and retweets for a URL

How does it work?

Anytime your business or content is mentioned by others on any social media platform (primarily Facebook, Twitter and Google+) it will boost your ranking in search results. Other influencing factors include how large your following is and how much engagement you have on your social posts.

For example, Moz started to rank on Google for “Beginner’s Guide” after Smashing Magazine tweeted out the guide.

For a local businesses, ranking for “Beginner’s Guide” isn’t realistic — or helpful. However, if we swap out “Beginner’s Guide” for industry-focused or local keywords, your business could win big.

For example, Louis’ Pizza (a fictional organic pizzeria in St. Louis, MO) got a tweet from the St. Louis Tribune about their fantastic pizza last month. The Tribune’s tweet received 300 favorites and 47 retweets. Not only does The Tribune’s Twitter handle receive activity, but Louis’ Pizza Twitter handle also receives activity. Since Louis’ Pizza has their website linked to their Twitter account, all their Twitter traffic is captured by their website to help them rank higher on search engines.

Low-Competition Key Words

Making it work for local business

Social engagement has a big effect when paired with low-competition keywords. When a keyword is general, such as “Beginner’s Guide,” it becomes increasingly difficult to rank for. Local businesses have an advantage here because low-competition keywords can lead directly to your business in search results.

Twitter, Google, Bing, Facebook, Digg

With this in mind, the content you share should always include one of your low-competition keywords. The more social engagement your receive for content that is focused on your keywords, the more likely you’ll rank higher for them in search results.

Going back to my Louis’ Pizza example: they would want to use low-competition keywords (or phrases) like “organic pizza st louis,” “authentic st louis style pizza,” “st louis county pizza” or “original cardinals pizza” in their social posts and review responses.

The more content you share from your website across social media, the higher your website will rank on search engines (and in-turn drive more traffic and lend credibility for long-term social and search success).

Start optimizing your SEO

However, before you use your social channels to boost your search rankings, you need to know how you’re ranking!

Step 1: Take an audit of your SEO. LocalVox offers this for free.

Step 2: Make sure you know the best keywords you should be ranking for.

Step 3: Use an SEO tool, such as LocalCast, to track where you have been ranking and which keywords you can optimize on your website (and social content) for even greater reach.

Need help? That’s what I’m here for. Vickie Christensen, your local Internet Marketing and Social Media Guide. 916.835.5704


Do You Have Two Google Plus Pages? Merging Google Plus Pages in 2015. +WellmanWorksMarketing

Google Plus is becoming a fast friend of mine, albeit a little difficult to lets say chat with on the phone. I’ll get to that later.

I made a Google Plus page a long time ago, gave it a Custom URL and started getting followers. Then along came Google. They created a Page for me. Hmmm. Sent me a card. and I was verified. No Wait. The wrong page was verified.

So I went about trying to verify the first page with the followers. No Go. Someone had my page and I was to get admin rights. Nooooo! I am that person.

I thought, I’ll Merge the Pages! Now some of Google will say, yes we can do that, and some will say no we can’t.

Merging Google Plus Pages

A nice woman at Google was busy looking under the Gear icon for Settings and then Profile

ww google blog1

She got stuck when trying to find Profile – it seems they moved it. I sympathized.Then she sent me these instructions. It seems it is at the bottom of the page!

So you’ll go into your dashboard of the “LOCAL” page

Click the”GEAR WHEEL”


Scroll all the way down the page

The second section form the bottom is “Profile”

You will click the “CONNECT A DIFFERENT PAGE”

Choose your brand page and “CONFIRM”

This will then link the two and you’ll be all good to go. Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

Oh Joy! All good and well, but it told me I didn’t own any other pages. Drat. I was back at the beginning. These are good instructions however. Keep them.

I finally decided to bite the bullet and delete the second page that Google had created. Tadaa! One Google Plus Page! +WellmanWorksMarketing. SUCCESS!

Are You a Financial Adviser that Wants to Use Yelp, LinkedIn, or Facebook?

The SEC just made some changes to SEC 2014-4 update. The biggest change may make you feel much more ready to advertise on Yelp or even post “See my reviews” or you can now even show people how active you are in the community with Rotary or Habitat for Humanity! Still no help for LinkedIn Recommendations or Facebook Testimonials that are written on your Timeline. With over 62% of advisors reporting to have gained new clients from LinkedIn, keep using LinkedIn and put in your special interests and community involvement for endorsement possibilities (http://www.financial-planning.com/ad_includes/welcome_fp.html)

Please visit Amy McIlwain’s blog on this and many other financial social media topics. I have followed Amy for years and I suggest you do the same. http://bit.ly/1lCWbfp

In addition, here is the link for the SEC 2014-4 update: http://www.sec.gov/investment/im-guidance-2014-04.pdf For questions: Catherine Courtney Gordon
Chief Counsel’s Office/Public Inquiry
Phone: 202.551.6825
Email: IMOCC@sec.gov

Are You on the LinkedIn Publisher List?

LinkedIn rolled out it’s new publishing/blogging feature in February. Have you been asked to join? I looked into it and became a little intimidated when they talked about submitting several articles that have been published. I am assuming these are just blogs, but it sounded a little more daunting.

LinkedIn Unlocking the Experts

From the official Blog on LinkedIn: ..LinkedIn is opening up our publishing platform to our members, giving them a powerful new way to build their professional brand. When a member publishes a post on LinkedIn, their original content becomes part of their professional profile, is shared with their trusted network and has the ability to reach the largest group of professionals ever assembled. Now members have the ability to follow other members that are not in their network and build their own group of followers. Members can continue to share their expertise by posting photos, images, videos and their original presentations on SlideShare.

Some notable contributors to date are Richard Branson,Martha Stewart and Bill Gates. The expertise they have shared through their Influencer posts has resonated in a meaningful way with LinkedIn members and is fueling business conversations. The average Influencer post drives more than 31,000 views and receives more than 250 likes and 80 comments. By any measure, this is a remarkably high level of engagement for digital content.

Check out our member help center for more information. If you’re interested in applying for early access, please fill out this form.

We look forward to hearing what you have to say.

Thanks LinkedIn!

Yelp is Bugging Me

Yes! The Yelp Filter is Bugging ME!

This is the nice version of what I am hearing a lot of these days and there are some things you can do:

1. Create more positive reviews to push down the bad ones.
2. Respond to the bad ones and create a great customer service Moment! – Vote on the post 🙂 or Useful!

How Many People are Working on Your Business Citations and Comments?

Just like posting to your Social Media Channels, everyone in your office should be trained to Build, Monitor, and Manage your Online Reputation. If they are not, and are too busy, find yourself an honest, hardworking Social Media Manager that will make creating complete profiles, monitoring comments, and managing new or incomplete sites all too easy.

Get a Review and Give Two: Be sure to do your part in giving reviews and don’t forget to Check in.

Why Should I Do This?

A recent report shows a 10-15% increase in traffic by utilizing and integrating local marketing and local SEO citations.(Gartner)

Identify and Build Visibility Listing Data

  • Search Engines
  • Review Sites
  • Directory Sites
  • Social Sites

Will Paying For Yelp Reviews Avoid their Filter?

Paying for reviews has tough consequences, but it is totally fine to explain that you value your customer’s opinion and would love to hear their thoughts – all of them. Ask them, and don’t pay for positive Yelp reviews.

There are ways to show Yelp that you are REAL and that is why you want a Social Media Manager on your team – doing exactly that. Being REAL and leaving good reviews and training you and your staff.

Vickie and LocalVox suggests this: “Hey, if you like our blog, please leave us a review on Yelp talking about the blog” – especially if you are an active Yelper. 😉

Create good customers with great experiences and ask them for reviews.

You just got three great reviews, and they get filtered. The reviews that are likely to get filtered are from someone who has only written 1 review, who has no profile info (profile photo, additional info, link to Facebook, etc.), strongly slanted both positively and negatively, bio is short and lacking details, or from a location other than where the business is located. Need help much?

Wishing you all the best in the New Year with your Local SEO. I have several very affordable packages to help you Sieze the Moment and have a Strong presence on the Internet.

Is My Name Being Used by Google in Their Ads?

If you use Google Services (Google+, Gmail, Youtube, etc) read this article and click this link (https://plus.google.com/settings/endorsements?hl=en). Sign into your Google account if necessary, and then uncheck the box at the bottom of the page to opt-out of Google using your name, face and details in advertising.

To protect your personal information being attached to items and articles you search for any buy while using any of Google’s services follow this link: